Bag Lady

Considering we have a mound of vet bills as tall as Everest and I am currently unemployed, the LAST THING I should be thinking about is a big purchase. Let's just refer to this as digital window shopping, shall we?

THESE BAGS. I am so in love. I'm sure you've seen the gorgeous chocolate brown version floating around the internet and I've been lusting after that one for a while. But I would much rather spend this kind of moola on a fun color, namely the mint green or Hermes orange. Find them at J. McLaughlin, which by the way, is my new favorite store. My sweet mom assisted me in the purchase of a new dress there recently and I know that I'm going to wear the hell out of it. Everything at J. McLaughlin is very Diane von Furstenburg meets Palm Beach. But back to the bags....


Old School Art

Y'all know I love me some Etsy. I'm continuously finding fabulous things at this online artisan marketplace and I thought I'd share with you one of my latest obsessions. Check out the gorgeous selection of affordable prints at the Antique Print Store on Etsy. Don't get me wrong, I adore original art, but it is hard to beat a collection of framed prints for your wall. They are wallet-friendly and the vintage vibe balances out more modern art and furnishings. They also add a bit of quirk to a space and some are even downright creepy, but that's part of the charm! Here are some of my favorite prints.

Exotic flower print

Siamiri Monkey print

Speckled eggs print

Star map

Beetles print

Dugat orange print

And if you really want to freak people out, this one below should do the trick....I'm a weirdo and think it is actually pretty cool.

Animal fetus in utero print


As of Late

My life is flashing before me in a series of Instagram photos...

My pillows are FINALLY ready! I audibly squealed when I saw them for the first time. They are seriously gorgeous and I've been taking extra precaution at night, removing them from the sofa just in case the dogs get any sneaky ideas.

My husband was by far the most attractive man at Home Depot on our most recent trip. We spent no less than TWO hours in the 'Deep so Adam could hash out a project in his head. It's all good though because I ate a bratwurst from the yummy hot dog stand outside the store and didn't get too cranky. We now have a bad ass rolling dog gate on our front porch that even Da Vinci himself would be envious of.

Now that we have a gate blocking the one escape route on our front porch, we (as in humans and dogs) have been practically living out there. We enjoyed a bucket of ice cold Millers on the porch and Piper got wasted. (People, don't freak. She was just sleeping on her back beside our beer bucket. No alcohol was consumed by the baby.)

L'artiste got his paint on. On the front porch. He spent all last week outside working on an INCREDIBLE oil painting. The timing worked perfectly considering our A/C pooped out on us upstairs, which is where his office and studio are located. I can feel my insides cooking when I go upstairs, like a hot pocket in the microwave. Don't worry though, the A/C dude is coming today to fix it. Phew. As soon as I have permission, I will show y'all his painting!

I hit up our new, super cute Farmers' Market this weekend while Adam and Piper were out of town. I picked up a cornucopia of fresh offerings, including the yummiest lavender and goat's milk soap! Last night for din, I fixed a spicy sweet potato and chicken hash with runny farm fresh eggs...all from the Farmers' Market. Yes, it was delectable.

Just around the corner from us is a holistic pet shop where, every time I go in there, I realize there are people who are way more insane than I am about my pets. It is good for my sanity to see that I am only about a 4 or 5 (out of 10) on the crazy dog lady scale. I picked up these mellow puppy treats to help Frank with his anxiety. He's always been a bit on edge but now that we have a psycho puppy monster dominating the house, Frank is about to tweak out. I'm hoping these "calming" treats will zen him out a bit.

What've y'all been up to???


Fancy Fannie

Check out Miss Fannie Kasper on her new Two Majestic Mutts lounger! I think she digs it.

I just got a big new shipment of loungers in, so if you are interested in ordering one head over to my Etsy store! And don't forget, I can have your pooch's name embroidered for an added touch of awesomeness. Below, Vassar and Piper have sibling snuggle time on their TMM lounger. Sharing is not one of Vassar's strong suits so we might need to get Miss P her own.

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